PVS der PH Salzburg


We are the International Class in the Praxisvolksschule. Our lessons are all in English but we also speak some other languages. Our parents come from all over the world. Our nationalities are Austrian, English, Indian, African, Spanish, Guatemalan, German and American.

We are a mixed grade class. There are 20 children. If we put all the languages together, we would speak English, German, Spanish, Serbian, Russian, Italian, French, Hebrew and Hindi. We are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old. We help each other and play together.

We begin school at 8.50 am. and finish at 3.45 pm. In addition to our normal lessons we have drama, ICT and library hour. During the lunch break we go to the Insel. Altogether there are 9 teachers and people taking care of us and we need to remember all of their names!

We love going on day trips and taking part in special projects. This year we are happy to be working on the Youth Map project and everything that has to do with maps. Our class is very special to us because there is always something exciting going on. We have many guests – teachers, students and parents – visiting us and working with us.

We’re looking forward to trying out these new youth maps. Dear older pupils and students, please send them soon!!



Kitty, Nina, Aurelia, Daniela, Leah, Skylar, Leo, Nicolas, Linda, Philip, Eddie, Nanette, Allanya, Oliver, Kiona, Naveen, Tim, Antonia, Nora, Sara and our teachers, Walli and Trina


Teacher: Waltraud Reinisch, Catriona Pagitsch – Mc Gee