Project description in English

Today most cities provide web maps and digital city maps to the public. Increasingly these applications are designed and implemented to meet the needs of particular user groups. Examples are city maps for wheelchair users, tourists, or elderly people. Focusing different user groups, web maps should differ in terms of design (GUI, map component), interactivities and map content. In order to provide user-centered web map applications, it is a precondition to know and understand the particular user group as well as their needs and requirements. This project aims at developing a web map application for kids regarding the city of Salzburg (providing information relevant to kids: skate parks, chill out places, hotspots etc.). Throughout the project kids shall participate in the entire application development process. This allows for comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of this user group. Furthermore, kids can gain insights into the interesting and diverse domains of software engineering and internet cartography. To do so, specific schools institutions undertake single process steps. The main project purpose can be described as a supervised “kids-for-kids-approach”.

Relevant project activities:
(1) specification of requirements: getting to know kids and their needs concerning a kidscentered web map application,
(2) database preparation concerning the map content (data model, data collection, data preprocessing),
(3) design and implementation of a prototype web map application (particularly paying attention to the requirements specified),
(4) evaluation/ optimization of the web map application.

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